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Que no te vendan gato por liebre

En enero del 2014 el BOE publicó un Real Decreto por el que se aprueba la norma de calidad para la carne, el jamón, la paleta y la caña de lomo ibérico. El objetivo es distinguir las calidades de los jamones, … Seguir leyendo

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The production process of Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Oro de Cánava.

The production process of Oro de Cánava oil begins in the olive groves of the partners of this company, which separate the olives from the tree and the ground carefully, thereby, they select the fruit from the beginning in order … Seguir leyendo

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A brief history of wine

According to Cornell University , archeologists date grape cultivation and wine making to sometime between 6,000 and 4,000 BC in Mesopotamia and the coastal areas of the Caspian Sea. At that time only aristocrats, royalty, and members of clergy enjoyed wine while … Seguir leyendo

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Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Smooth, Vibrant, Bold. Just like a fine wine, the varietal, climate and region determine an olive oil’s taste. From the southern olive groves of Andalucía to the northern region of Catalonia, Spain, the number one producer of olive oil, offers … Seguir leyendo

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TGIF… ….. Let’s dance….Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena!

Happy weekend!  Do you know….. The song was originally recorded in 1992, and released in 1993 as a rumba. This was the first of six versions of the song that can be associated with Los Del Rio. In the United … Seguir leyendo

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