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Wine without alcohol!

Due to the traditional manner of conceiving wine and the obvious technological difficulties involved, the concept of “alcohol-free wine” has taken some time to reach the market. 2008: Abrobiotec, a member of the Matarromera Group, is the first company in the … Seguir leyendo

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Pan con aceite: el desayuno más sano, rico y barato

En estos días en los que nos preocupamos por nuestra salud, somos exigentes a la hora de comer y miramos nuestro bolsillo, podemos desayunar Pan con Aceite. Incluso podemos utilizar el pan que sobre del día anterior, solo tenemos que … Seguir leyendo

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IBÉRICO , the ham for the most demanding palates

There are thousands of reasons to sample a good Iberian ham: its intense flavour, its pleasant texture, its enticing aroma, the sensation it produces on the palate, the way it makes you crave for more… What is more, it is … Seguir leyendo

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We love TUNA…

Whether you like it fresh or canned, tuna boasts some serious health benefits. It’s good for the brain, heart, bones and is definitely kind to the figure. And because it even tastes pretty good straight from the can, there’s no … Seguir leyendo

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Picual: the healthiest and most stable variety, with the highest oleic acid and antioxidants content

Picual is the olive variety that offers more oleic acid and antioxidants. These components are responsible of the goodness of olive oil for our health. Its higher polyphenol antioxidant content protects the oil from deterioration and oxidation, just as those … Seguir leyendo

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